La cocaina is not good for you
Hold my head I‘m gonna work hard
  1. A little story about New Politics’ concert

    Me and my friends haven’t got tickets for this show, but we decided to meet guys from the train and give some gifts

    All went well and Soren asked whether we go to a concert that evening

    Learning that we have no money for tickets, he wrote our names and promised us that we allowed into the club to their concert

    Until recently we did not believe what was happening, but when people started to run inside, we realized that the real number in special lists!

    Still can not believe that it happened that way! Guys were just unreal good to our, their fans, and this is very important, because many artists have long been spit on their fans

    Thanks for, New Politics!

    I have for a long time will remember this show, and the day overall

    So get your hands up!

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